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Unless otherwise noted, you can republish our articles but not graphics for free. Here’s what you need to know:

Alternately, you may publish the first 3 paragraphs of any article on our site with a link back to the full article on our site.

You don’t need special permissions for that arrangement and we don’t sign anything for this type of arrangement, because it is covered under the fair use laws of content.

We do ask that you won’t include the images, as those are copyrighted and we pay only for the rights to use them on our site per our agreements with vendors.

  • You can’t edit our material, except to reflect relative changes in time, location and editorial style. (For example, “yesterday” can be changed to “last week,” and “Portland, Ore.” to “Portland” or “here.”)
  • If you’re republishing online, you have to link to us and to include all of the links from our story.
  • You can’t sell our material separately.
  • It’s okay to put our stories on pages with ads, but not ads specifically sold against our stories.
  • You can’t republish our material wholesale, or automatically; you need to select stories to be republished individually.
  • You cannot republish our photographs without specific permission (ask if you’d like to).
  • You have to credit us – ideally in the byline. We prefer “Author Name, KlaraBudaPost.”
  • We do not generally permit translation of our stories into another language without permission.

We’re licensed under Republish  Creative Commons, which provides the legal details. If you have questions, contact :


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