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KlaraBudaPost promote the ethic journalism on service of the public and brings together talented journalists, writers and artists from around the world.
We encourage especially new voice from Albania and other Balkans land, where is often difficult to have a global audience and even to publish in the local media not belonging to any of them.
Klarabudapost is a group of editors and journalists who work to create a professional, ethic and  independent media in Europe of Sud East.
We are open to interesting innovations and research and will be happy to write about them.

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KlaraBudaPost is looking for contributors to join our international editorial team. If you hope to amplify your presence as a leading global voice on the new journalism ere – we would love to hear from you. Opinions expressed by KlaraBudaPost Contributors respect the ethic, but are their own.
The regular contributors profits a personalize program : one – to – one training in modern global journalism
Contact: Klara.Buda@bilingue.net
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Contribution: post one or more original articles per month with a minimum of 350 words.
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