The team of the center and their respective tasks

Considering that these centers operate as separate institutions, they must have a certain number of staff members, preferably with excellent communication skills; a total of five. The staff that runs different courses will be charged with working hours.

1. General Director of Albanian Culture Center:

In this role should be a prominent intellectual, an Albanian Culture personality, who has a very good knowledge of the culture and heritage of the host country. S/he is undergraduate or graduated in a western country, preferably in the host country or Universities recognized by the host country. The General Director works with cultural institutions of the host country and should have the necessary experience of the functioning of those institutions. S/he should have experience in the field of culture, media and organization of cultural, artistic and other activities selected with priority personalities contingent of Albanian culture.

His/her main task will be:

  • Overall relationship with the institutions and personalities of the host country culture and art
  • Be responsible for all cultural and artistic activity developed by the center
  • Activities coordinator of the Albanian migrants associations and students
  • Incite cultural initiatives that increase the visibility of the Albanian community in the respective country
  • Promotes contemporary Albanian literature in the literary circles of the related country and promotes translation of this literature in the language of the country where the center is located as well as in the big languages as English and French.
  • Takes initiative to encourage investment in Albania
  • Organizes forums for contemporary opinion exchange in the field of science, literature and politics, becoming an enriching of the Albanian cultural heritage in the achievements of the other Western cultures

2. Head of the culture sector

Elected by the field of Albanian culture or art, well known person, endowed with cognitive, organizational and executive skills in the field of culture and art, s/he cooperates with the director to achieve the institutional goal; the realization of cultural and artistic program of the Centre.

The head of the culture should have excellent knowledge of Albanian, English and host country language, in order to control and publish all the brochures and notices related to the activities of the center[4].

3. Head of managing and commercial agency

With very good skills in the finance field, administrative, digital and web the manager is the pillar of the operation of the center and the development of its dimension as commercial agencies.

S/he is responsible for:

–       Managing of the warehouse, equipments, movies, videotapes, CDs, magazines, daily newspapers, etc

–       Maintains the account of the center and respects the reports of the internal and external service of the center

  4. Head of the image and manager assistant

 Webmaster designer, excellent cognitive of Albanian, English and host country language s/he improves and updates the Internet website of the center and solves the problems related to the financing, organization of activities and prepares daily report on the progress of these activities and costs related with them. S/he takes care the controlling for the selling of books of Albanian Literature as well as instruments of Albanian heritage and cultural objects such as paintings, representations of Albanian monuments, gifts and the designing objects in the center and in Internet. Updating their status in the warehouse and lunching new cultural products including promotional and different disciplines (music, theater, dance, written expression) all these in Albania language.  

 5. Volunteer staff

The center will give the opportunities for internship positions for young Albanians born in the host country that are willing to be engaged in cultural events. This will help the reducing of the costs of the center staff and will make possible to communicate with the second generation of the Diaspora attracting them into activities with national nature, to promote the willingness to improve their Albanian heritage not only as a language but as culture also.


Wide range of activities of the cultural centre will take place mainly in the capital city of the respective countries, but not only.

The pilot centers will be established in New York City, but concerts of Albanian artists, traveling exhibition of painters, or photo exhibition etc., could be organized in other cities where Albanians are more located.

In these types of activities is based the self-financing of the centre. These activities should include:

–       Cultural and artistic activities, movies, classical music concerts, painting and photographic exhibitions, presentation of the books, Albanian live music and folk concerts etc.

–       Conferences and meeting with political, historical and memorial character etc., debates over the Albanian literature, music and cinematography as well as lectures on various topics.

–       Selling of books in Albanian language and the books written by Albanian authors and the daily press.

–       Establishment of a library with books by Albanian authors and books for Albania in Albanian language and on language of the host country.

–       Lessons of Albanian and foreign languages especially the language of the host country.

–       Sporting activities with the Albanian students and Albanian immigrants.

–       The establishing of an addresser/address list of the Albanian associations and migrants themselves.

Gradually, as a result of its activities, the centre would be able to increase the reputation and influence for establishing and strengthening of the relations between cultural institutions and personalities of the Albania and Kosovo and those of the host country.