Albania As I love It


 Starting September 2016, check on Thursdays for a new show. The show approach is very special in the Albanian and Kosova TV landscape. It analyze the fact of being Albanian in a modern point of view.

05:00 PM  and 09:00 PM New York  Time

11:00  PM   and 03 AM Europe Time

Albania As I love It, Assembly and shopping fish

Albania As I love It, Ten people give opinions

Albania As I love It, a show created and hosted by Klara BUDA and produced by Beratinus Studio New York



The world-famous tenor Saimir Pirgu and Klara Buda Metropolitan Opera NY, 2013 courtesy of Bashkim Hysenaj

Through portraits of prominent and successful characters from Albania and Kosovo and all Albanians Land as well as from Diaspora the show analyze the Albanian complexity, evolution of traditional rites and customs towards the transition years within and outside the borders.


Edi Rama-freedom 2

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama NYC March 2012


Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 1.27.14 PM

Albanian President Bujar Nishani & Klara Buda, NYC,  2014

In this powerful touch with the world, through new and old diaspora that carried  Albania in their baggage, this complexity is analyzed with love and simplicity, without  taboos and pomposity, without drama; placing emphasis on the best sides that lead us  forward as an individual and nation and stigmatized those who withdraw we back or  keep us connected to the past. When possible we laugh at ourselves to show what is outmoded and what is new and modern in being Albanian in Paris, New York or Rome.

ALBANIA & KOSOVO I LOVE YOU, without taboos and pomposity

ALBANIA & KOSOVO I LOVE YOU, with a complex love

ALBANIA & KOSOVO I LOVE YOU Assembly and shopping fish

ALBANIA & KOSOVO I LOVE YOU ten people give opinions

ALBANIA & KOSOVO I LOVE YOU, with your good and evil side



Marko Kepi Klara Buda in Shqiperi te Dua

Marko Kepi, President of Albanian Roots in Klara Buda show’s “Albania as I love it”.

Klara Buda Marko Kepi Crew Adrian, Patrick and Vincent august 2014-6

Beratinus Crew in Action









Albanian version