This poem was wrote one morning at an obligatory volunteer work trip. Its message is clear. The poem expresses the author’s rebellion against imposed ideals and the invasion of individual space by the collective…

Klara Buda

As the light crowned, I embraced the dawn

I leaned on its shoulder

And ran

Too far for anyone to stop me

Too far for anyone to take

My dawn away

That spellbinding blue

So pure, even the morning,

I kissed its golden crown, its breeze

I unloaded my burden, my yearnings

I washed my eyes, the imprints

And renewed my hope

With my fervor

And my imagination

My way.

No need for preset rules

Imposed ideals.

I lived my first morning!

Smart or crazy

I melted in it

I became one with this morning

Maybe my last

Free one.

Jonufer, June 30, 1989

Translated from Albanian by Blerta Alikaj