In order to maximize the use of the operation and achieve its purpose, the center must have:

  1. Its dignified building, in the center of the city: a hall with a capacity of at least 100 seats suitable for the development of different activities: movies, organizing commemorative gatherings, exhibitions of Albanian Fine Arts, sculptors and photographers, book promotions, concerts from Albanian artists (classical music, light and folk), various conferences and debates on music, literature and Albanian cinematography, dance courses, lectures, etc.
  2. Library with Albanian authors in Albanian and translated in the language of the respective country.
  3. A space where Albanian daily press can be sold, together with Albanian books, DVDs, videotapes, souvenirs, painting or artistic products.
  4. A class where Albanian language lessons can be arranged for Albanians and foreigners as well as Diaspora children.
  5. Three to four other rooms – with at least 15 seats – which will be held in various courses with artistic subject such as theater, painting and music, all in the Albanian language.
  6. Two offices, one for the director of the center and the other for the manager. Other workers will be allocated space for personal objects, as their work will be in certain environments, according to the field.
  7. A quality and updated website where the information on the center and links with the other centers will be clear and easily accessible. Website will also serve to sell materials via the Internet for people who cannot physically come in the center.

The quality of the chosen building for this purpose is the basis of the opening and operation with the normal parameters of the activity for Albanian Culture Center. It can also consider the possibility of mutual exchange of buildings, a practice already accepted and practiced by the State of Italy, Greece and America.