ROBERT MARTIKO  is born in Gjirokaster, Albania, on June 7, 1948. Graduated from University of Tirana, Faculty of mechanical engineering, actually he is devoting himself passionately to the literature.

The purpose of Robert is through his writings to help in changes of the ideas, that make possible the opening of society. Exactly this idea he expresses in a special way in one of his latest novel.

Has published till now the following books: * “Light shade of lost souls”- novel – (2006) -Milosao * “Extreme sacrifices” – novel – (2007) -Milosao * “The abandoned” – novel -(2008) -Globus R * “An award for the writer of death” – novel -(2009) -Toena * “The two lifes of Icarus” – novel -(2012) – Albin * “Real Madonna alive or dead?”- novel – (2014) -Milosao * “To open the closed time” – thoughts in the form of quotations (2021) * “Eternity without Time” – novel (2021) -Botimet Jozef * “Heaven fallen to the ground” – novel (2022)

He lived in Vlora from 1948-1990 and is currently living in Corfu, Greece.