Burim Myftiu  (born 1961) is an Albanian American contemporary photographer. He is represented by the KIPA Gallery in New York and New Haven, Connecticut. Myftiu was born inPrizren, in Kosovo.

He is a member of the New Haven Arts Council in the state of Connecticut, and is also associated with several photography, film and art organizations in Kosovo, the USA, and throughout Europe.

Burim Myftiu started as a young and talented photographer in the early 1980s and later specialized in Comercial Photography at New York Institute of PhotographyNew York. In 2003, he founded PACK (Photo Arts Collective of Kosovo).[2] Myftiu is also the founder and director of the Dokufest, International Documentary and Short Film Festival, and the curator of the international photography exhibition, “Gjon Mili Prize”, at the National Art Gallery in Pristina, Kosovo.

Myftiu has participated in juries of film festivals and photography contests. Additionally, he is also a founder of KIPA, and has served as a regional liaison officer of the Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique (FIAP).

The work of Burim Myftiu is presented in several publications, books, galleries, collections, and photography exhibitions in the United States, Europe and Kosovo. “Broken Hearts” and “SUFI” are the long term projects that he is working on. More recently, he has worked as a curator for an International Contemporary Photography Exhibition at the National Art Gallery in Pristina, and as a photography editor in the “Express” newspaper.

Presently, he teaches photography at the University of Business and Technology, doing editorial and curatorial work.

Burim Myftiu resides and works in Connecticut, USA.

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