Wide range of activities of the cultural centre will take place mainly in the capital city of the respective countries, but not only.

The pilot centers will be established in New York City, but concerts of Albanian artists, traveling exhibition of painters, or photo exhibition etc., could be organized in other cities where Albanians are more located.

In these types of activities is based the self-financing of the centre. These activities should include:

–       Cultural and artistic activities, movies, classical music concerts, painting and photographic exhibitions, presentation of the books, Albanian live music and folk concerts etc.

–       Conferences and meeting with political, historical and memorial character etc., debates over the Albanian literature, music and cinematography as well as lectures on various topics.

–       Selling of books in Albanian language and the books written by Albanian authors and the daily press.

–       Establishment of a library with books by Albanian authors and books for Albania in Albanian language and on language of the host country.

–       Lessons of Albanian and foreign languages especially the language of the host country.

–       Sporting activities with the Albanian students and Albanian immigrants.

–       The establishing of an addresser/address list of the Albanian associations and migrants themselves.

Gradually, as a result of its activities, the centre would be able to increase the reputation and influence for establishing and strengthening of the relations between cultural institutions and personalities of the Albania and Kosovo and those of the host country.