Turtle eggs are stolen to be sold ?

Is there a Sea Turtle Extinction?  
Reine Gallois
Turtles, do they disappear because of climate change? Lie?
les tortues disparaissent- vol

People went to Costa Rica, on a beach where turtles come to lay their eggs!
They took these photos, they speak for themselves.
Quebec argues that turtles are disappearing because of climate change!
These photos speak for themselves.
la disparition-changement climatiqueTurtle eggs are stolen to be sold!

Costarica disp-tortue

La disparition des espèces est due au changement climatique ?
Des personnes sont allées au Costa Rica,  sur une plage où venaient pondre les tortues !
Ils ont ramené ces photos, elles parlent d’elles même.
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