Naked souls

Komunikimi virtual, fb krijon kontakte te forta e te papritura mes shpirtrash, qe nen pengesat sociale, te perkatesise, te distances jane te pamundura gjetiu. Ana virtuale e komunikimit, ku njerzit i flasin njeri tjetrit pas fotosh, qe me perkufizim e ngrijne kohen, i zhvesh shpirtrat nga mosha, gjinia duke u dhene atyre lirine te shfaqen “nodo”

“Nuk e kisha njohur nga afër miken time të ëmbël, me te moshuaren qe kisha ne fb, por gjithmone iu përgjigja me qejf mesazheve të asaj nëne të dashur dhe inteligjente.

U prehsh në paqe, Teta Jeta ! Lamtumirë!”


Arben Imeri

Tirana, 3 May 2014

Some time ago, more or less three years ago, an elderly woman sent me friendship request on fb. I agreed, it.

Her name; she called Jata "Life", her name didn't tell anything special to my memory, I didn't know her. Would be an aunt or a friend's mother, I thought, someone here in fb, without killing more my mind.
New friend made any smart comments after short stories that I posted on my wall in fb. One day I became curious and asked her who suggested me to her “who slamm ” her to me. She replied that the chance had met her with me and loved all what I write. I thanked her and told him that I was happy…
In those first messages exchanged, as sign of respect, I called her with the title “aunt”. It was really difficult for me to speak on her behalf with you. The woman in question, from the few pictures that hse had in fb, she seemed greater than my own mother and I could not speack to her if we had the same age. She did not agree with my principle and strongly opposed. I told her that our friendship in fb can be frozen without condition. With modesty, she accepted my respect. She was simple and light-hearted woman. By the way of her communication and dialogue, I clearly understood that she had a lot of culture.
Over time our simple correspondence became more intense . Often she commented my stories , many other times, when he wanted to make any replicas, which because of her age and social position couldn't write in public, she wrote personal messages. I always gladly answered to the messages of this intelligent and loving mother. Laughed with each other and joked with the politics…because, almost always, the scope of our discussion was the politic, or more precisely, our politicians. Rarely and with much tact, she also gave me any advice on literature. I heard him gladly.
She had shown that, once, she had been a history teacher at a high school in a southern city. Her husband had been a doctor and they had grown two children , boy and girl, who were older than me.
One day, as we wrote to each other , I tell her, that in Tirana before '90, I worked in "antibiotics factory".
– Oh, overthere worked also my daughter! – she replied.
We went even known. Although I did not know her daughter personally, who worked as Veterinary doctor, as our all society of work, I also remember very well her daugther, it.
Her daugther, over the years had gone toward new paths, she after totally had left her profession and had studied literature and art in Paris. For years she had worked as a journalist in France and, finally, was moved and worked in USA. She wrote fiction literature , and a book of her , titled Chloroform, My old friend had presented me with pleasure and a ligitimate pride .
Our conversations, sometime rares and sometime often became even warmer and more friendly. Indeed, was she who wrote more often to me, while I, on my side , starting from 1 September and 7 or 8 March, do not forget to wish her, on the eve of celebrations, to send her my congratulations.
For Easter, I remembered to send to my elderly friend the congratulations . Since December , when she wished me for the birthday , we did not hear from each other.
Before Iwrite two lignes to wish the Easter, I walked in and saw her fb page to look songs or greetings that she , usually, posted. casually in the morning!
As for coincidence, there, since December, was nothing new.

Last post was a song (a, Grek song) from 14 December. It seemed to me very far , distant and cold.
I do not know why, but instantly, excited by a feeling not very clear, I wrote to the console his daughter's name, Klara, and I joined her author page. Her last post was the following:
I came home for the last time,
And for the last time I felt your parfum!
Employees bringing down the furnitures and peinting the walls ...
I will miss your house scent!
Even your endless reprouch, I will miss mother
kb 11 April 2014”
I hold the breath and felt a ball in the throat. I did not like very touching verses. It were unexpected, but informing, convincing. E, moreover, I understood it were true ! I read them again, My friend was not anymore in life! If they do not suffice, Ialso read a couple of reviews wrote aftre those verses. I felt a pain in the chest. Then I read other reviews. I clenched jaws, My eyes moistened …my mind became smoke. I felt that my body became ice .
Although I had not known from close my sweet friend, I experienced emotions that were the same as if I had lost a person close.
The elderly friend of my fb, Jeta Buda, from what I understood , left this life in the early days of April. Maybe, from December until the day of death, at which time there was nothing posted on fb, she had been ill ?! Perhaps she had suffered beaucoup, probably she had been in the hospital. I never know.
In these three months, when she would have had so much needed warm words, I had not had the attention and the opportunity to show my respect and courtesy to her.
I felt sorry.
Probably she will not hold grudge on, she was too noble to do such things!
Repose in peace, Aunt Jeta !
Goodbye !