MOTHERS OF COURAGE documentary will follow five women of diverse backgrounds who succeed in difficult social and economic situation of immigration.

The project will be completed worldwide with examples from Totalitarian Regime in Albania and Kosovo War. 

From left to right Piro Milkani, Klara Buda, Saimir Kumbaro and Kiço Blushi, April 2015


 Tirana, April 11, Albanian Minister of Culture Mirela Kumbaro appreciated and was supportive to the project Mother of Courage, documentary and event to honor Albanian Mothers who succeeded often in very difficult situation of Immigration, Totalitarian Regime and Kosovo War. Five mother of courage will be presented in ” how do you remember your mother struggle while a child?”

The project Mother of Courage was discussed also in Marubi Cinema School in Tirana together with three personalities of Albanian cinema: directors Piro Milkani and Saimir Kumbaro as well as with the screenwriter Kico Blushi. Previously we discussed it with the director Kujtim Cashku. They all agree the point of view: Albanian Mother are special! Our mothers are the foundation for the equilibrium of the entire Albanian society and the Documentary will show this particularity to the world.

 The Award winning screenwriter and director Bujar Alimani known for Amnesty (2011) was the first who supported Mother of Courage documentary and will participate with his own story.

Screenwriter and director Lindita Zeqiraj, known for Balcony (2014) answered present as well.

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