Meet Your Eagle


Albanian Reality Show 

Meet Your Eagle


Sunday February 8th, 2015

from 4 to 7 pm

Producer’s Club


Meet Your Eagle, the first Albanian reality show in New York City is a weekly show, 55 minutes in length.

Meet Your Eagle will incorporate humor and will contrast what is outmoded and what is modern for all Albanians, whether they are in New York, Paris, Rome or Athens. The program will also address those issues that hold Albanians back or keep the community connected to the past. The goal is to connect Albanian Descents who have the same preferences and sensibilities and allow them to pursue their interest over a dinner together, then a Holiday trip. 

Clic for Casting 

Through interaction with the public, it will collect the guests’ point of view on popular culture in a competition format to select the best answers. Four finalists will be selected and they will face additional questions on Albanian traditions. The winner will receive a dinner in an Albanian New York restaurant or an weekend holiday. Prizes will escalate in value at each level of the competition.

Meet Your Eagle will connect Albanians in many fields: • Meet Your Eagle Educational • Meet Your Eagle Business • Meet Your Eagle Artist • Meet Your Eagle Politics • Meet Your Ancestral Eagle and even • Meet Your Eagle Dating!


Rise your chances to be select as Host or Participant

  • Bring and share a personal Newyorker story about dating, love, connection or everyday life.
  • Bring a story that happened to your Albanian friend.
  • Bring the funniest story you have ever heard in New York about Albanian descents.