Artistic Personality

“They have told me after I got used to know of myself that I was born nearly forty years ago when Admiral Tito was still alive and Yougoslavia was a strong Federation.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Fahredin Shehu by himself

This publication opens a serie of portraits of Artistic Personality defined by himself.
If you are an artist, please send as your short Bio: how you define yourself as an artistic individuality, 150 – 200  words. KBP


Fahredin Shehu

They have explained me that after Tito’s death we should all cry and we did as kids in 1980. In that time we still as Kosovo Albanians did not considered ourselves the victims, the Serbian apartheid and genocide came after, in 1990-1999. In this period I wrote a poem that was published in Ann Arbor Review in Michigan USA, with the title: “Once I was a Jew”.

I have continued my education getting to know the best of nature and I got in love with the plants. I have been collecting and curing people with plants and honey until I discovered colors and nuances of bliss to paint and do calligraphy. Later on I saw that painting I may do with the words and started to write poetry and draw most beautiful words colored with much passion.