Arta Seiti

Arta Seiti 2012

Arta is Seiti a geopolitics researcher, specializing in the countries of South East Europpe

Mme Seiti earns a Master’s degree in Studies of contemporary society and regularly publishes to the prestigious  La Documentation Française as well as to Courrier des Balkans, Revue “Agir”, Regard sur l’Est and Fenêtres sur l’Europe.

After obtaining a Master’s degree and a postgraduate degree from the Department of Studies of contemporary society to new Paris 3-Sorbonne, and a diploma in French language and literature in Tirana, she continued her research in the field of social anthropology and ethnology (EHESS).

Associate Researcher at the Centre for Geo-strategy of the ENS-Ulm, she conducted several studies in the Balkans under the banner of a prospective approach for the different ministries and major government in Paris. Has also intervened and participated in seminars Master of Geopolitics ENS Ulm, Paris 1 and organizes conferences to review the National Defense
Author of several articles she published in the journal National Defense, International Issues, Pages Europe – French Documentation , Journal of the Center for Studies and Research at the Ecole Militaire, Courrier des Balkans, Revue “Act” Looking East, Windows on Europe.
sake of a long-term monitoring and analysis prospective of a complex and decisive as the Balkans region, it has also created a blog called “elective Passions,” where she publishes discussion papers and geostrategic analysis.