Tonight, Saturday November 22

Albanian Film Week, 3rd Edition

Tonight, Saturday November 22

Alfred Tolja receive the Albanian Film Week in Producer Club

358 West 44 Street, NY, 10036 ( on the corner of 9th Avenu)


Opening night, November 21

Albanian Film Week, 3rd Edition
AMC Loews Village 7
66 3rd Ave, New York, NY, USA
21th-27th November 2014


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18:00   – Besa / Astrit Hykaj  (short: 20 min, English Subtitles)

Cast: Rebeka Qena, Sokol Cahani, Eric Czuleger

Synopsis: BESA vividly portrays how individual Muslims, Christians and Jews of Balkan Peninsula were able to overcome their ethnic and religious hatred in an intense hardship time of World War II. In this film, Irene, a Jewish woman, manages to escape and survive from the Nazi prosecution.

– Fated / Blerim Gjoci  (short comedy: 22 min, English subtitles)

Cast: Teuta Krasniqi, Bislim Mucaj, Blerim Gjoci

Synopsis: Based on a true story, happening on the mountains of Kosova. A very personal story about a pre-arranged marriage and its consequences on the lives of those involved.

– Gledi /  Afrim Peposhi (short: 10 min, English subtitles)

Cast: Margent Caushi, Alesia Sherolli, Erjon Hodo, Saimir Zeneli

Synopsis: Gledi is a very strong girl and she destroys a criminal group. She sends an explosive package with a chairman for a gang but he does not die. The chairman of the gang decides to take revenge and sends two killers to kill Gledi, but she executes both.


– Broken/ Bashkim Myftari (short: 8 min, English subtitles)

Cast: Adelina Zekolli, Kushtrim Asllani

Synopsis: 15 after the Kosova war, Mali finds himself in front of a life decision moment. He’s been involved in numerous shady businesses together with people in high ranks of Kosovo’s Government. That moment has come, he is being arrested and is about to leave behind his pregnant wife with their first child but whether he will turn in his “friends” is something he fights against himself.

– My City Screams / Ibrahim Deari  (short: 27 min, English subtitles)

Cast: May-Linda Kosumovic, Shkelqim Islami, Musa Isufi, Mirsad Abazi, Muzbajdin Qamili, Elmir Sejfullai, Ismail Kasumi, Sami Mustafi

Synopsis: It’s a movie that talks about the crime within a city, the screams are from the victims themselves. The city is lead by a gangster that gives money with usury, and on the other side we have love between a young couple that is obligated to leave the city for a better life.



20:00     – Ada / Spartak Peçani (feature: 90 min, English subtitles)

Cast: Ndricim Xhepa, Reshat Arbana, Elvira Diamanti, Iliriana Blakaj, Afrim Mucaj, Eshref Durmishi

Synopsis: A young girl sits at the interrogation table of a police station. Her hands are cuffed. There is still blood on her face.  An inspector sits opposite her. He is recording her. She is charged with murder, firm proof; gun in hand, chambers empty, blood on the wall. There are many bodies recently removed from the street. There are two questions that need to be answered: why and how?


Documentary Competition

22:00     – Rruga Drejtë të Artës / Ariel Shaban (documentary: 15 min, English subtitles)

Cast: Mailinda Kelemendi,Toni Kuka

Synopsis: Life and Successes of judo world champion Majlinda Kelmendi .

– Djaloshi me Kitarë  / Kolec Traboini (documentary: 36 min, Albanian)

Synopsis: Jeta e shkurtër e një djali të talentuar që  kishte pasion të këndonte dhe t’i binte kitares. I mbetur jetim, me baba tëpushkatuar do të rritej në Shtëpinë e Jetimëve. Pasionant në këngë dhe i revoltuar nga mungesa e lirisë ai përfundon në burg. E dërgojnë në Spaç ai bëhet udhëheqës i revoltës së Spaçit në maj 1973. Me shtypjen e revoltës ai dënohet me vdekje. Ishte vetëm 22 vjec. Këndoi për të fundit herë disa orë para se ta ekzekutonin. As atij dhe as babait të dy të pushkatuar nga diktatura nuk u gjendet varri. Një film tepër emocional dhe me fakte e deokumente reale.

Albanian Film Week, 3rd Edition

Tonight, Saturday November 22

Alfred Tolja receive the Albanian Film Week in Producer Club

358 West 44 Street, NY, 10036 ( on the corner of 9th Avenu)