Do rely on others to bolster confidence

Ever lose your confidence? The world is never stable. Physics teaches that everything moves toward maximum entropy (disorder or randomness). That means, there is always something churning and arising that can upset the current balance. When you finally come to the realization that things are “off”, the so-called chaos could have been in the works for a while before you noticed it…

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Donald Trump Should Clarify His Views on the Ex-Yugoslav Wars

Donald Trump was perhaps falsely accused of ‘apologizing’ for NATO interventions that twice stopped the mass murder, which includes crimes of genocide, of more than 100,000 innocent civilians in the former Yugoslavia. The incident distracted from Mr. Trump’s long-held objection to the NATO bombing campaign that ended the Kosovo war that likely saved thousands of lives.

Therefore, we call on Donald Trump to disavow the endorsement by Vojislav Seselj, and his past statements on NATO’s intervention in the former Yugoslavia. He should embrace policies that saved many of our lives and can prevent human catastrophe.

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Gilman Bakalli est mort a l'âge de 49 ans

Gilman Bakalli, chercheur et professeur de l’Université Européenne de Tirana est mort soudainement a l’âge de 49 ans.

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