Trump’s Foreign Admirers

There are probably few areas of public policy where something that is so good for society is portrayed as being so bad. Of course, projecting a society’s problems onto foreign scapegoats is an old political tactic. But the extent to which hostility to immigration goes against the evidence of its salutary effects is surprising.

Recent research on immigration shows very large positive effects on the welfare of locals. Bill and Sari Kerr have shown that, while immigrants represent about 13% of the US population, they account for 26% of all entrepreneurs, and about 36% of new firms have at least one immigrant in the leadership team. This suggests that immigration is a large part of the story behind American economic vitality and job creation.

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Mothers of Courage

The project « Mothers of Courage » sets out to explore a number of questions linked to  those special mothers via the aesthetics of film. At this moment we are asking for filmmakers to submit their ideas, scripts and notes about documentaries scrutinizing the frictions that arise between mothers, their offsprings, their spouses and the Albanian speaking societies in general. We are particularly interested in hearing from upcoming female filmmakers, but all interesting project will be consider. Submissions should center on case stories, although we will consider larger theoretical approaches that question the role Albanian women occupy in our societies. Courages Mother Team

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Taming the Populists

The likes of Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen did not gain a foothold in their countries’ politics – not to mention the chance of leading them – on their own. They exploited the feeling of many citizens that the political classes – which touted the benefits of globalization, while allowing inequality to rise to unprecedented levels – had abandoned them.

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  • Someone Added Donald Trump To The Wall Of This Restroom In Paris

    CAMBRIDGE – Donald Trump doesn’t like Latin Americans and advocates building a wall to separate them from the United States. As usual with such snubs, Latin Americans tend to reciprocate the sentiment, as do Muslims and others who

  • Albanian-woman-feeds-her-baby-in-the-refugees-colone-1999-300x225

    Tirana, August 18, 2016 Call for Film Submission Documentary Within the realm of the Albanian speaking countries of the Balkans, mothers occupy a position not unlike their Mediterranean counterparts : They are seen as strong, yet sile

  • acea9be9e07232bf702344df713f7d47.square

    MADRID – In many Western democracies, right-wing populists, energized by self-proclaimed victories over “establishment elites,” are doubling down on the claim that globalization lies at the root of many citizens’ problems. For

  • Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 4.02.01 PM

    Tiranë, 16 gusht 2016 Pakkush e di nëse Kasem Trebeshina është njeri apo legjendë urbane; nëse është shkrimtar apo nji i mallkuar i letërsisë shqipe; nëse është nji disident i heshtur apo njeri që u ka shërbyer konjuktu

  • Kasem Trebeshina Dafinat e thara

    “Dafinat e thara” të Trebeshinës, një dhuratë më shumë se simbolike për autorin, më 8 gusht, nga Botimet Buzuku, me rastin e 90-vjetorit të lindjes së disidentit e shkrimtarit më të madh (të heshtur) shqiptar,

  • Kasem Trebeshina_La foret

    Intervistë me studjuesin e letërsisë, Behar Gjoka Në 90-vjetorin e lindjes së shkrimtarit, Kasëm Trebeshina, do të organizohet një takim rreth veprimtarisë së tij letrare në gjuhën shqipe, në Akademinë e Shkencave. Studi

  • Edi-Rama-Albania-1500x400_1200x400

    Albania’s Parliament on Friday approved a judicial reform package following lengthy international mediation between its bickering two main political parties. The reforms, prepared over the past 18 months with the assistance of E

  • Gazmend Fritag

    Tirana, July 22, 2016 Just as in his paintings, Gazmend Freitag concentrates in his graphic work (drawings in pencil, crayon, chalk, ink and other media) on particular themes: nudes, portraits, dancing, landscapes, cities and mytholog

  • Knut Europian Reporter

    Tirana July 20, 2016 The reporter of Albania in the European parliament, Knut Fleckenstein reacted tonight about the blockage of the Justice Reform. This is the tweet he sent:

  • reforma-ne-drejtesi

    Tirane, 19 Qershor, 2016 Duke refuzuar kërkesën e ekspertit Europian, PD- ja nuk kërkon më shumë por më pak kushte për zgjedhjen e gjykatësve – në këto kondita paradoksalisht varianti që ka shumica absolute në votimin do

  • Nice attac

    Thursday night when a large truck plowed through a Bastille Day crowd in Nice, France, in what President Francois Hollande called a terror attack. The death toll grew through the night, with Hollande saying 77 people died. Interior Mi

  • Brexit1

    “The trouble with committing political suicide is that you live to regret it.” W CH