Mutiny Lindsey Collen


Throughout Lindsey Collen’s Mutiny (2011) mutiny functions as an intertextual, transhistorical metaphorics that links the prison breakout and general strike movement in Mauritius described in the novel’s plot together with wider g…

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Albania from “New Man” to “Modern European city”

“Modern Europe” preserves this memory as the foundation of its identity – and so must Albanians. To destroy this history is to destroy the identity integrity of Albania and Albanians – it is exactly the same as erasing the people and replacing them with the “new man. (…)The “new man” was a death to Albanian identity. ” LA

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Monolog' i Migjenit

Nga ky trishtim dhe gurrët mund të plasin
s’mund të mos çahet zemra si me plor,
Kendoni, ju, për thinjat e udhëheqsit,
Poetë të oborrit mbretëror.”

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